Selling a business is one of the greatest challenges and time consuming processes a business owner will experience. Obtaining the right offers and terms from multiple buyers is more difficult.

The correct alignment, strategic positioning and the right buyers increase value and the number of offers a seller will receive. Choosing the wrong team or process results in lost time, less buyers, diminished value and the potential a seller will receive an acceptable offer for a good company.

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When selling a business, the Right Team is critical.

It requires professionals that can effectively identify and present all aspects of the company’s value to the buyer prospects. In addition, it requires an effective team utilizing a strategic sale process that have the experience, ability and contacts to create a market with the right buyers to negotiate and secure the best value. On average a business sale can require from 750 to 1,500 man hours to complete successfully.
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ABI has expertly honed a highly-focused business sale strategy over its 30+ year operating history.

We provide senior professionals with a Merger and Acquisition team to direct and manage sell-side services. ABI’s expertise has executed 215 business sale engagements, over 200 buy-side searches, and an estimated 1,100 evaluation presentations. Client transaction values range from start up to $1.2 billion.

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The top three reasons for a failure leading to a business sale are the death or illness of a partner, the loss of a key employee, and the loss of a major client.

Bottom line, Aaron Bell has the M&A seniors and professional team, strategic processes, databases and experience to represent the company, increase your sale value and create the right market to sell your company for the maximum market value.

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OUR SERVICES ARE PERFORMANCE BASED. We partner with our clients to meet or exceed the results they wish to achieve. Our engagement provides attentive, highly personalized services with a professional M&A team that will manage our client’s transaction discretely and confidentially.

ABI provides an extensive database of buyers located throughout the US and abroad. We receive over 500 emails a month from buyers, investors and sellers asking for opportunity and industry updates. (Databases are revised weekly.)

Our buyer prospect databases are comprehensive, updated regularly and consist of strategic, opportunistic, institutional, and professional buyers, in addition to insurance and trust companies, wealthy family offices and numerous other investment focused buyers.

Our M&A seniors, professional team and buyer prospect contacts enable us to create acquisition interest from multiple buyers.

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Senior bankers negotiate the terms of all offers to enhance our clients’ sale value and most effective terms.

ABI utilizes a strategy to assess all value opportunities of a company for presentations to buyers. We typically review sale history, operating cash flow, tangible and intangible assets and under-utilized and latent value drivers. Our team considers off balance sheet assets and acquirer’s added value accrued from additional cash flow, new customers, products, markets, employee expertise and the impact from the increased selling range for the business or both companies in an add on acquisition, including potential benefits based on discounted future earning analysis.

ABI strives to deliver results that meet or exceed client expectations whenever we can.

Primary industries we serve include, but are not limited to: Energy, Technology, Healthcare, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Distribution, Service and Retail. We are focused on industry leaders, niche markets, recurring revenue, long term contracted services and value-added operations.